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Thursday, 19 July 2012
Well I just had a bit of a shock as I opened the blog to find out Firefox had blocked it as a malicious site. That's a great way to start your day.

I used the Sucuri SiteCheck malware seach tool to find out what the problem was, but it couldn't find anything. Then as this site is verified with google I checked my inbox on webmaster tools to see what had been flagged up, but there was nothing there either and according to them I'm fine.

So the only two things I think that could of happened is that either something nasty popped up in the ad bar rotation that is no longer there or someone has reported the site - which is the most likely. It's always better to be safe than sorry though so there will be no morning celeb posts today as I'm going to go through the site and make sure all the links and scripts are safe. We should be good again in time for the evening porn update.

If you have found any problems with the blog please use the comments to let me know.


The problem seems to be with one particular VideoBam video which I've removed from the site. So hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

Update 2:

The people at Google have taken the site off the naughty step and we're back. There was apparently something nasty in the ad rotation that you see after you watch a VideoBam video so any site - like us - that links to VideoBam were caught up in it. I'm assuming that since we're back the offending site has been removed from the ad server and everything is back to being puppies and kittens again.

I'll be back this evening for a full porn update, assuming we're not hacked by Anonymous or the Chinese goverment in the meantime.

Update 3

Well it seems you still get the warning page if you look at any post that was posted in July, everything else is fine. I've no experience in going through this before but hopefully it's just a time thing at eventually the whole blog will be back to normal. i'll see how things stand when I'm back later today for the update.

Update 4

Things are still the same. The site has been cleared - except for all July 2012 posts. There's no real point of putting anything up until this is sorted so I'm going to leave it until tomorrow.


Babepedia said...

I'm the webmaster of and noticed this error. So I've pulled your links from my site until the problem is fixed.

Sploogey McSplooge said...

Fair enough. I'll let you know when we're back to normal

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