Christina Hendricks Leaked Topless Photo? (Updated x4)

Sunday, 4 March 2012
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These have been flying around since last night and as a peddler of online smut I feel duty bound to post them here, but I have to say I'm not convinced they're real.

The first couple do seem to be of Christina, but I'm very suspicious that the money shot picture itself doesn't show her face and has probably been added on to a set of real candid photos. I did a GIS to see if it popped up anywhere else and it doesn't so maybe it is real, but still I doubt it.

Judge for yourself:

Christina Hendricks Leaked Topless Photo?Christina Hendricks Leaked Topless Photo?
Christina Hendricks Leaked Topless Photo?Christina Hendricks Leaked Topless Photo?
Christina Hendricks Leaked Topless Photo?


Well unfortunately it looks like my first instinct was correct. The topless photo is fake, but the others are real.

Over the last 24 hours someone has been posting sets of candid photos along with a couple of headless topless and naked photos of several different celebs (I've seen Christina, Olivia Munn, Sarah Silverman and January Jones so far).

The candid photos are from twitter, some were publicly posted by the celeb themselves (Olivia Munns' were) while some may have been hacked private photos (the January Jones one probably is as when she was active on twitter she never posted any pics of herself and it looks like Christina Hendrcks' are stolen too), but the topless and nude shots are not the celeb in question. The Olivia Munn photos of her in lingerie and stockings that she supposedly sent to Chris Pine are of a lookalike model with the cyber text added on. I knew it was too good to be true.

Here's the other candid pics:

January Jones

January Jones Lingerie Self Pic

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman Busty Self Pic

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn Lingerie Self Pic
Olivia Munn Bikini Pokies

Update 2:

It turns out that not all of Olivia Munn's fake photos are fake. The nude shot definitely is a fake, but it seems that the lookalike model looks so much like Olivia because those actually are photos of Olivia Munn. What's fake about them is the text written all over them offering her body to be used, spanked, fingered and choked by Chris Pine. So here they are - along with another candid snap that's emerged. This one is of Michelle Trachtenberg and a friend who looks a lot like Jessie J.

Olivia Munn

(images removed)

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg Candid Snap

Update 3:

Fleshbot has more Olivia Munn photos. I'm guessing the same rules apply to these as the others; headless naked shots are fake, rest are real, but the added text is probably fake. You notice I've gone from saying the text is definitely fake to probably fake. I guess we'll only really know when someone asks Chris Pine if Olivia liked to be choked when he was fucking her.

Update 4

If you've clicked the Fleshbot link above you'll see that they've had to take down all of their Olivia Munn photos so I've decided to do the same as I'm too pretty to survive internet prison.

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Anonymous said...

Even if the last photo is not her the rest of them are still hot on there own. I love Christina!

Anonymous said...

Fake? Who gives a damn!

Anonymous said...

I think they are all real. That girl is smoking hot.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The first two photos are the hottest anyway and those are definitely Christina. She just oozes sex appeal.

Anonymous said...

It was all too good to be true, but give it a few more years and she'll be doing a nude scene to revive her carer post Mad Men.

Anonymous said...

Even without the fakes thats one hell of a photo album.

Anonymous said...

So Olivia Munn is a filthy whore who likes her asshole licked and to be choked during sex. Good to know.

Attack of The Ho said...

All that dirty talk on Olivias photos has to be real. Its never been on any of the other leaked stuff and the photos are red hot on their own. Why add it?

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