Petra So In Nylons & Boots

Saturday, 5 March 2011
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Petra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & Boots
Petra So In Nylons & Boots
Petra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & BootsPetra So In Nylons & Boots


Stimpy said...

Why have I never heard of this girl before? Stunning

ragazze in cam said...

Amazing girl....

john said...

Growing up I made a friend in kindergarten and we hit it off right away. He was so short and I was so tall which made for a funny picture. We even played basketball together all the time and he was the point guard while I was always the center. We got along so well our our mom's started setting us up to play together. Both of our Moms were single Moms. So from Kindergarten on we were best friends.

My friend Tran was great point guard but he was so short but very quick. I don't know how tall his dad was because he had left them shortly after Tran's birth. His Mom was so short it was crazy but beautiful like this model above. My mom was 6'2 and my dad who had passed away was 6'11". I was destined to be tall and was from the day I was born.

It never really dawned on me how tall Tran's mom was because I was a young kid and didn't pay attention to things like that until one day when I was eight. Tran and I were playing over at his house and his mom came home from work and made us dinner. She was very attractive but again I was eight so I didn't pay much attention at that time. His mom always wore heels and pantyhose to work and most of the time she wasn't working too. I don't know if it was a culture thing but we always had to take off our shoes at her house too when we came in. Tran's mom I found out later was only 4'6". She was born in the US and held some of the customs of her parents but was very americanized except for the shoes at the door thing. It was kind of funny because this was the 80's and she kind of spoke like a California girl. She was setting the table and I turned the corner and we ran into each other. She screamed not because I knocked her back but because I was taller than her and she didn't expect it. I didn't either! I went home to measure later and I was 4'10" making me 4 inches taller. she stood in front of me to measure and Tran laughed at her because I was looking down to her. I don't know why she or I hadn't noticed it before but I felt pretty grown up at that point. The crazy thing is that Tran's Grandma was even smaller than his mom. His Grandpa was like 5 feet tall.

john said...

The rest of that year Tran would make her take her heels off when she was around me to see if I grown next to her. I had almost every time. It was a weird feeling being eight and towering over a grown woman. She would smile and be very patient with the game and just tell Tran that she was taller than him. he would say yeah but I'm 8. Oddly enough she seemed to enjoy the game too and would make a big deal out of how tall I was getting. I grew a lot the next year and so Tran's mom seemed to shrink right before my eyes. I was 5'6 by the time I was 10 so a full foot taller than her. she started wearing taller heels but it didn't quite get her to 5 feet and so I was towering over her at this point with or without heels. My mom started wearing high heels at this point too because she said there was no way she was going to let her baby look down to her until he was at least 16. That didn't work out for her either by the way.

A horrible accident happened when Tran was 10 and he was killed by a car when he was on his bike. We were all so broken hearted and I never have felt such a loss even since that day. It was just not right for him to die so soon. Tran's mom went into depression understandably and so did I. She saw me at the funeral and came to give me a hug before anyone else. I think she felt comfort in the fact I was such good friends with him. We were both sobbing and she held me tight for a long time. She felt so little to me as we hugged and we sobbed together. She looked up to me and said you were such a good friend to Tran.

She became a hermit almost for about a year. I would go cut her yard after our yard every week. My mom would make me push the lawn mower about half a mile to get to her house. Tran's mom was going to work again but I would only see her peek out the window when I would do yard work for her and she would always make sure to thank me. It took me a long time to start hanging out with friends again but I eventually did.

When I was 12 I was 6'4". I was growing like a weed. My mom finally measured with me and it was so weird finally looking down on her for the first time. She still wore 3 inch heels all the time and it became a game of who is taller.

john said...

I would see Tran's mom at distances and always wave or when she would peek out her window and thank me for doing her yardwork but never up close. She was still having a hard time. When I was had just turned 13 I was 6'7" and seemed to tower over everyone almost even my mom. I was doing yard work one evening at Tran's mom's house and through the window she told me to knock on the door when I was done. I did and she answered the door she looked like she did always when I was younger with her work dress on and tan pantyhose with her heels off as usual. She told me to come in and I took my shoes off noticing her tiny little heels next to my gigantic shoes. They must have been at least twice the size of her heels. She met me in the living room and I think both of us were shocked. I knew she was tiny but her and I both didn't realize how much bigger and taller I was going to be. She looked like a 5 year old next to me. She was in shock but crying and I could tell she was in a lot of pain. She said through her tears look how big I was now and how I had really grown. She then cried harder and wished Tran would have been there to see how little she was to me and how he would have laughed about it. She then held up her arms for me to give her a hug and I had to bend way down to hug her. I gently hugged her for a little bit and she was holding me as tightly as she could. I didn't know quite what to do so I picked her up where her head was on my shoulder and her little feet dangled in the air. I felt like my arms could have wrapped around her twice she was so little and so I was very gentle not to squeeze her too hard. She sobbed on my shoulder and did not let go so I just held her for what seemed like a very long time as she cried it out. She had a huge mirror above her fireplace and I was 13 so I had this mix of feelings for her that I was trying not to have. I felt so sorry for her and I missed him too but seeing her look so little in my arms as I looked at us in the mirror was a real turn on for me. She told me later that was a turning point for her because she had never been able to release her emotions like that until that day. She had always been raised to hide emotion.

When I finally put her down she smiled through her tears and said how much better she felt. She said I was a healer. She hugged me again and all I could do because she was so far down there was pet her head and I always loved her beautiful long hair. What a beautiful woman. It's like she never aged.

She wanted to compare herself to me so she made me some lemonade and put her little feet next to mine. She laughed as her feet hands and body were so miniature to me. She said Tran would be laughing so hard at her. I picked her up for another hug as I went home and she said thanks for lifting her spirits again.

john said...

I kept growing and Tran's mom became so tiny to me. She would often invite me in after working in her yard after that and I loved how affectionate she would be to me. I would often pick her up for hugs and she seemed to like being held like that and I liked her tiny self in my arms. I also loved how she would hug me tight when she was on the ground and was so little to me. I was so attracted to her as I grew up and up.

One day I came home from school when I was a Senior and as I walked into my house I saw the tiniest heels ever and I knew she was there with my mom. I went in to say hello and it was great to see Tran's mom having a good time with my mom. They started to hang out even more than they did before. I was almost 7.6 feet tall at this point and did tower over everyone. My mom had given up on the height game and she was so tall but so small to me. I would pick her up with hugs now just to make her feel short and tease her. I would also hug her and she would be way down at my mid chest level. I would say, do I need to get you a stool. My mom was tall but slight so I got most of my strength and size from my dad. She was super light and thin so it was easy to lift her up or hold her so she couldn't get away. She would laugh so hard she couldn't breath as I would pick her up and trap her arms so she couldn't move. So as my mom and Tran's mom were talking I was leaving out the door. My mom said "don't forget to give your mother a kiss" I went in there and kissed the top of her head which I knew made her mad and she said "quit making fun of my height" I then picked her up and gave her a kiss on the cheek which got a laugh from her and Tran's mom. Tran's mom shocked me and said "where is my kiss?" I looked at my mom and she motioned for me to kiss her. I kneeled down on one knee and I was still way taller than her so I picked her up with my hands underneath her armpits and lifted her gently to my face so I could kiss her on the cheek. My mom scolded me for picking up a woman without asking and then Tran's mom said "no, no, it's my fault, he is like twice my height now and there was no other way." She winked at me and we all laughed but I could tell now that she liked me as more than her son's friend. I didn't know what to do but she did.

Tran's mom bought me a cruise that went to the carribean for my graduation. She said it was the least she could do for all I had done for her over the years. My mom begrudgingly allowed me to go because I was 18 and could make my own decisions and also told me "who is going to mess with you, you're a giant".

john said...

The first day of the cruise I got all checked in and set up looking for things to do. I looked at things that maybe others of my age would be doing and hoped to get with a girl. I had no idea what would come next. That night I was in my swimsuit trying to decide if I should get into the pool that the water would barely come up to my thighs and decided against it. Just then I felt something hug my leg and there was Tran's mom in a bikini just about waist high to me. Wow she looked so beautiful with the best skin and body I had ever seen. She just smiled up to me and said "I thought about it and thought I needed to get away too." I was so turned on by her but didn't want to give it away so I asked her coyly "I can't really hear you with the wind, can I pick you up so I can hear you?" It was an amateur move but she smiled and said "please do, I feel so tiny down here." She was so light and petite in my arms I loved it as we talked a little. We decided to go to one of the secluded jacuzzi's that was pretty big and as soon as I got in the other couple got out. Tran's mom sat close to me and started the conversation out right. she told me this was her plan all along and now that I was 18 she was hoping we could have a relationship. She must have seen the joy in my face because she got more bold and sat in my lap. I laid down more in the jacuzzi and she climbed up on my chest trying her best to get close to me. I was so excited it was crazy. I pulled her close and caressed her beautiful skin. She was so tiny and beautiful. She said "you know what I like about you? You have always been such a gentleman to me and so gentle with me. You could break me just by accident being so much bigger than me and you have always been so gentle and kind to me. I love how big and tall you are and you make me feel so protected and feminine." I asked her when she started feeling that way and she said "I think it was the first time you picked me up for a hug and just let me cry on your shoulder. I felt so happy and secure in your arms and I fought the feeling for years but these last couple of years I have wanted to be with you so bad. I just had to wait until you were 18." We started kissing at that point and then she asked "What do you like about me?" I told her it would be strange if I told her. She said "I think I already know so just tell me". I told her I loved how little she was to me and so feminine. I loved feeling her in my arms and crazy enough her little feet in pantyhose made me crazy. She always made me feel like a man."

john said...

She said she knew all of that except for the pantyhose. She said she could feel the bulge when I would hug her. I said "like right now?" She laughed and said yes.

We had such a good cruise and I won't go into all the details but let's just say it was the greatest week of my life. She was in my arms the whole cruise and I didn't care what kids my age were doing. Every night we would go to the pool deck and stare up into the stars. She conveniently wore pantyhose every night and would kick off her heels to sit with me under the stars as we would talk. She would always get cold so I would put her in my hoodie so she was close to my chest and tucked in right next to me. I would hold her little feet in my hand to keep them warm. One night we had a disagreement about how strong I was and she said I couldn't pick her up with one arm. Finally I just stood up and said grab my hand as I put it on her torso. It almost covered her entire upper body. I lifted her up to my face and she was laughing as I gave her a kiss. Then she was scared that with one arm I lifted her above my head. She shrieked and grabbed my hand as tight as she could saying she was scared. She took back her bet. I put her on my chest every night as we went to sleep and she would go up and down with my breathing. She was in her early 40's but looked late 20's really.

What a great time and it continued when I got back and I never told my mom about the cruise but it took her a while to get used to her and I being together.

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